Bielsk Podlaski

Ah, beautiful Poland … today we are moving to Podlasie, where during the session for Unidevelopment, I spent two hot, summer and beautiful days. The first day is Bielsk Podlaski itself, while on the second day I wandered through fields, forests, villages and bumps without a specific plan, I was walking from one church to another , I stopped in the middle of the twittering fields with rustling grain or yellowing lupine ❤️ I was driving on rocky and completely unpaved roads (thinking at times that my navigation was completely crazy and it was only supposed to lead me to another church, to finally reach “Herb Corner”. It’s all in the next galleries and at the beginning Bielsk Podlaski … 🙂 So a bit urban, a bit idyllic, a bit of the communist era 😉

Photos: Katarzyna Slomka, Straw Art