Museum of the Radom Countryside

Radom again, but this time not “just” but “wow” 🙂 Radom, in an idyllic, magical, magnetic atmosphere … which can be found in the Museum of the Radom Countryside. It is an amazing place that is worth visiting on a weekday and rather in summer … when you can feel this something, this magic, this atmosphere of bygone eras … ❤ Radom Village Museum, Heritage Park of Bygone Epochs … So far mine favorite. Maybe because we were there (in a Straw’art crew of two) on a beautiful sunny July day, maybe because we were there in the middle of the week, maybe because the sky was blue and the clouds were white. Anyway, it was there, like nowhere else (except Podlasie ❤ you could feel the spirit of those years (I still feel it) and the imagination was swinging without any disturbances. Delight the eye with the sight of a field with sheaves of hay, with birch trees in the background whitewashed with their trunks, green leaves and slightly swaying twigs in the summer wind. And in the midst of this, to see a whitewashed hut with a thatched roof. 🧡💛❤️ Ah, it delights!

Photos: Katarzyna Słomka Straw Art