The Offer

The first impression can only be made once. It is the first few seconds that are crucial while making a decision. That is why the photos posted on websites and web portals are the first to attract attention. They should arouse interest … or even intrigue and give impetus to take the action. A well-presented product such as an apartment design or a property for sale not only “sells itself” – it maximizes profit and saves valuable time by speeding up the transaction.

Professional photography is not a cost, it is an INVESTMENT! which will pay off in the form of acquired CUSTOMERS.

If you WANT to present completed projects in a portfolio on a website or in advertising brochures. .
If you are PLANNING to sell or rent your property. . you want to present your “product” in an attractive way. .
IF YOU NEED professional photography positively presenting both the interior, the whole property and its surroundings. .

You are cordially invited to contact and cooperate. I guarantee a creative look at your interior and high quality photos of properties, buildings and projects as well as interesting and product-oriented photo reports from fairs and events. My strengths are experience associated with many projects of a very diverse nature, my portfolio, specialized equipment, accuracy and attention to detail, professional photo processing, and what is equally important and gives strength to the next challenges – the opinions of satisfied customers.

Talk soon,
Katarzyna SÅ‚omka

My specialty: Interior and Architecture Photography, Real Estate Photography, Photojournalism.

Additional services supporting the specialization: Pre-session consultation in terms of preparation, arrangement and styling of the interior for the session; On-site styling support also with preparation and delivery of additional interior design elements for the photo shoot.

Complementary areas of specialization: Product Photography, Business and Corporate Photography and professional photo retouching (including those made by the Customer), renovation of photos and sale of author’s photographic works in the form of photo-images.