Podlasie – along the route of roadside churches

Ah, beautiful Poland … we continue our journey through the stunning Podlasie, where I spent two hot, beautiful summer days. The first day is Bielsk Podlaski, which I showed in the previous gallery, while in the second day I wandered around fields, forests, villages and bumps without a specific plan, I was walking from one church to another, I stopped in the middle of reamed fields with rustling grain or yellowing lupins ❤️ I was driving on rocky and completely unpaved roads (thinking at times that my navigation was completely crazy and it was only supposed to lead me to another church 🙃 In these nooks, time stood still. Silence, peace, singing birds, refreshing breeze , the rustle of trees … nostalgia. Beautiful! I invite you to the second part of the Podlasie straw’art journey 🌞🌼

Photographs: Katarzyna Słomka Straw Art