The city of Mława, Poland

Mława was another city visited by the Straw Art team. It would seem that the city, often passed “on the way somewhere …”, does not deserve attention. Nothing could be more wrong. In Mława you can find some interesting places and objects to photograph. I was most “charmed” by the fountain in the historic city park, depicting the figure of a woman, the allegory of the legendary Muława. The history of this place is interesting and worth mentioning. There was once an Orthodox church where there is now a fountain. Built in 1877, then on the outskirts of the city, designed by the famous architect Trusov, it was pulled down in 1926. Demolition bricks were used to build a regional museum. The area where the church stood and the wide chestnut avenue leading to it was incorporated into the park. In the place of the church, a flower bed in the shape of a Greek cross was created, and a fountain has been standing in its central place since 2001. Just the one that charmed me 😉 and you can see it in one of the photos below. Near the fountain, there is a building called Popówka – formerly the house of an Orthodox clergyman, now, among others, a wedding palace, which is the only one left from the property of an Orthodox parish. The wedding palace has been operating in this building since 2017, when it underwent reconstruction. In the 1930s, part of it was occupied by the municipal kindergarten, and in the other – the municipal court. During the occupation, the park was closed to Poles, and in the former pop’s house, the Germans established a cafe called Park Cafe. After the war, the building was adapted to the needs of the health service and a clinic for children was organized there. In the second decade of the 21st century, the building was decommissioned due to its poor technical condition. And only, as I mentioned above, in 2017, it gained a new life 🙂

Fotografia architektury, zdjęcie budynku ratusza w Mławie.

Zdjęcia architektury, fotografia kamienicy w Mławie.

Zdjęcie kamienicy w Mławie, fotografia architektury z jesiennym drzewem.

Fotografia architektury, zdjęcia kamienic, tu zabytkowa kamienica w Mławie.

Fotografia architektury, zdjęcie budynku Starostwa powiatowego w Mławie.

Zdjęcia architektury, fotografia kamienicy w Mławie w jesiennej scenerii.

Fotografia architektury miejskiej, zdjęcie kamienic w Mławie.

Zdjęcie kamienicy w towarzystwie jesiennego drzewa, przy rynku w Mławie.

Fotografia architektury, zdjęcia budynków z zewnątrz, tutaj kamienica w Mławie.

Zdjęcia miejskie, fotografia pomnika Józefa Piłsudskiego w parku miejskim w Mławie.

Fotografie miejskie, zdjęcie fontanny i pałacu ślubów w parku miejskim w Mławie..

Fotografia architektury i zdjęcia budynków, tutaj pałac ślubów - popówka - w Mławie.

Fotografia miejska, zdjęcie fontanny Muawy w Mławie.

Zdjęcia architektury, fotografia kamienicy zlokalizowanej przy rynku w Mławie.

Pictures: Straw Art, Katarzyna Slomka
Customer of the photo session: KAES
Location: Mława