Warsaw Home 2017 – Part Three

In October 2017, the Warsaw Home interior and design fair took place. As every year, they attracted lovers of beautiful furniture, decorations and good design. It is undoubtedly the largest event of this type in Central and Eastern Europe. In Poland, the undisputed number one and obligatory event for me – an interior photographer. We went to it together with the designer Grażyna from the StudioGra design studio. We spent two intense and unforgettable days at the fair. I invite you to view photos and visit the stands, as well as to read the stand reviews and presentations of products on display at the Home Secrets blog www.domowe-sekrety.blogspot.com, co-created by StudioGra and Straw Art.

Photo report from the fair: Straw Art, Katarzyna Slomka
Place of photo report: Targi wyposażenia wnętrz Warsaw Home