Unidevelopment Warsaw

A series of photo sessions for the company Unidevelopment S.A. Photos of completed housing investments in Warsaw, taking into account the client’s recommendations regarding the implementation of photos optically similar to the visualizations created at the planning stage of these construction sites. A very interesting challenge, in particular related to the fact that the current state of space development is not always corresponds to that of the visualization. Built-up gardens and erected fences as well as walls of neighboring properties often constitute an obstacle. The commission required creativity and negotiation skills with the residents. The mission was successful, the client showed his satisfaction in the form of the recommendation, and I gained further experience accompanying architecture photography.

Fotografia architektury dla dewelopera unidevelopment, zdjęcia budynków w Warszawie, tu osiedle Awangarda na Ochocie..

Architecture photos: Straw Art, Katarzyna Słomka
Architectural photos on request: Unidevelopment
Location of photo sessions: Warszawa
Photographed objects: Gama Targówek, 360 I etap Gocław, 360 II etap Gocław, Dom Awangarda Ochota, Point House Mokotów, Osiedle Santorini Praga Południe, Lykke Białołęka, Praga Square Targówek, Ursa Smart City Ursus, Osada Brzeziny Białołęka