Office space at Plac Konstytucji

Photos of office interiors. And it is not about the interior already inhabited … This is an interesting challenge for a photographer, and such a challenge also happens. Huge office space, not yet developed, waiting for its tenants. Interiors freshly renovated, not filled with furniture, equipment and people. No décor typical of a given company, no colors, no gadgets. White walls, windows, carpeting, a lonely desk here and there, a reception desk, a sofa or wardrobes. What can be photographed in such an interior? How to attract the attention of potential customers? What caught my attention? I invite you to watch. And what kind of feedback did I receive from the client after handing over the set of selected shots? “The photos are nicer than the place, thank you …” And this is what gives you motivation and willingness to face new challenges 🙂

Commercial real estate photo session: Straw Art Katarzyna Slomka.
Interior photos commissioned by: Enterprises of the limited liability company
Location of the photo session: Warsaw, Plac Konstytucji, Piekna Street